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Nettle plus is a combination Hydrosol-Nettle, Comfrey, Borage, & Peppermint.Nettle has huge health benefits just to spray on pain from arthritis helps to relieve the same as Comfrey both used to heal bones bruises, they are also bases for beauty products due to their polyphenols & antioxidants, making them ideal for anti aging & skin repair combined with Borage for healthy skin repair , especially repairing the natural balance of our skins protective barriers and finally pepermint . Hydrosols contain a fine % of essential oils from the plants and Peppermints proteins,increase of circulation, refreshing and aromatic, helps to shrink pores, relieving stress and tension. This Hydrosol is a perfect spray to nourish & heal the skin and or spraying topically on sore joints. Nettle plus comes in 50mills for $25or 100 mills for $45

Nettle plus

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